Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Breast Cancer Awareness And Information

Breast malignant neoplastic disease can be said to be one of the oldest known type of malignant neoplastic disease tumours in world mostly in women. The oldest verbal description of this deathly disease, though the term malignant neoplastic disease was not used, was discovered in Arab Republic Of Egypt old age ago.

The most prevailing malignant neoplastic disease in women is breast cancer, it is also the 2nd most common cause of decease in women apart from lung cancer. Because the breast is composed of indistinguishable tissues in males and females, breast malignant neoplastic disease also happens in males though it is less common.

In the olden years before engineering starts in earnest, there is a believe that there is no treatment for cancer. For years, many docs in their practices, described similar lawsuits with the same sad decision that there is no treatment for cancer.

The narrative remained the same until some doctors achieved greater apprehension of the circulatory system that a nexus between breast malignant neoplastic disease and the lymph nodes in the axilla can be established and be removed at the same time.

The first effort to take the lymph nodes, breast tissue, and implicit in thorax musculus was successful, which removed the fearfulness that there is no treatment for the deathly disease called breast cancer.

Most breast hurting or painful breast hunk can be a lawsuit of early breast cancer. Since breast mammography started, breast malignant neoplastic disease is most frequently discovered as an nodule that causes no symptom on a mammogram, before any symptoms are present.

The chance of breast malignant neoplastic disease rises with age, but breast malignant neoplastic disease be givens to be more than aggressive when it happens in little people

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