Friday, August 24, 2007

7 Major Symptoms of Colon Cancer Demystified

The symptoms of colon malignant neoplastic disease are not necessarily present in the initial phase of the problem. Most of the modern times they make not look or are difficult to observe until the job range to an advanced stage.

However, it is always better to cognize about those which can be detected. Mentioned below are some known symptoms of colon cancer. In lawsuit if any of the mentioned symptoms is present for more than than a week, make seek advice of your doctor about the showing for colon cancer.

Change in Intestine Habits

Tumor in the intestine conveys an ascertained alteration in the wonts like defecating. With the growing of tumor, you may experience the demand of defecating less often and the big size of tumour will take to constipation.

The lone manner to cognize this is to acquire regular showing done instead of waiting for the symptoms to look on the surface.

Thinned Stool

The presence of tumour causes obstructor and with the growing of obstructor there is decrease in the space around. In lawsuit the tumour is present at the side of the colon tubing passage, it may ensue into the narrowing of the stool.

Cramping or Bloating in the Stomach

Another symptom in the listing of colon malignant neoplastic disease symptoms is bloating or cramping in the stomach. Boating may be owed to a intestine obstructor while cramping may be the consequence of irregularity or diarrhea. In the advanced phases of colon cancer, tumour perforating i.e. poking through close the wall of the bowel, can take to utmost abdominal cramping.

Blood in the Stool

There may be blood in the stool which is owed to the hemorrhage of the tumor. Nevertheless, if the tumour is present in the right colon, it is very much possible that the blood will dry out up before the fecal matter are removed from the body. But if it is towards the left or in the rectum, it may stay fresh and thus will look bright red.

Inexplicable Weight Loss

If you are losing weight without making any intentional efforts, it is really something to chew over over. Often one have weight loss owed to the fact that something incorrect is going in the body. However, in colorectal cancer, unexplained loss in weight is one of the colon malignant neoplastic disease symptoms and it bespeaks that the intestine is being blocked at some place, along the passage, by a tumor.

Exhaustion and Feelings of Fatigue

You are having proper slumber but still experience exhausted. There may be more than than 1 ground and work loading may not be the obvious one. The first possibility is that it may be owed to anaemia which takes topographic point if the reddish blood cells are not able to transport sufficient O as much they are required to. Consequently, you might experience exhausted. But it may also be owed to tumors. Tumors can also be the cause of anemia.

Feel Like to Defecate but Not

You may experience like to travel for laxation but you make not. This sort of sense experience in the organic structure may take topographic point owed to a tumour growing in the end of the colon or rectum.

The best option is to have got showing for colon malignant neoplastic disease on regular footing instead of depending on visual aspect of colon malignant neoplastic disease symptoms.

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