Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Car Dealers Can Use Bluetooth Technology to Get an Edge on Competitors

Car traders have got a new manner to advance their up-to-the-minute theoretical accounts while simultaneously distinguishing themselves in the ultra-competitive consumer marketplace - the cell phone. That's right, that omnipresent device that almost everyone owns, already mathematical functions many functions besides just talk. Now, through some adroit usage of Bluetooth technology, auto traders can automatically direct videos, coupons, and concern card game directly to the cell telephones of clients as they walk into the showroom.

Dubbed "Bluetooth Marketing", the conception is simple. A particular Bluetooth waiter is put up in the showroom, continuously scanning for the presence of Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. When a client stairway into the salesroom with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, the waiter can observe this and automatically direct a on time to the user, asking if they would wish to have a message from the dealership. This message could be a picture brochure, a particular offering coupon, an electronic concern card, or other multimedia system files. If the user reacts with a "Yes", the data file is transferred right to their phone. If the user declines, the waiter retrieves this and won't inquire the same user again in the future.

So, aside from the freshness factor, what's in it for the auto dealer? Well, for one thing, it gives them a great chance to direct clients their contact details, stored as a regular telephone book entry in their cell phones. Retailers all cognize that their clients will more than likely store at many different locations before making a concluding decision, so it's very of import that prospective buyers have got the dealer's full contact inside information convenient when they are ready to buy. What better put to have got that than in the buyer's ain cell phone. What's more, clients can easily go through along this "e-card" via Bluetooth to their friends and family.

Along with contact details, a picture of a hot new auto theoretical account could also be sent, or maybe inside information of a particular funding offer. With a small imagination, auto traders could really link with their clients in a merriment and alone way.

Consumers appreciate the particular offerings they can have on their phones, and also the convenience of having contact inside information right on their telephones instead of having to maintain path of concern cards. And, people can always take not to take part in these political campaigns by just answering No to the prompts.

Best of all, one of the greatest benefits of Bluetooth Markeitng over other, more than traditional word forms of promotions, is cost. Since all transmittals happen over Bluetooth channels, there are never any fees associated with sending or receiving files. Once the initial equipment is purchased, the political campaigns are essentially free to run.

Bluetooth Selling have already been used very successfully in Europe, and companies in the United States are just starting to recognize the possible of this technology. Marketers visualize a twenty-four hours when consumers look to their cell telephones to make everything from making calls, listening to music, or taking pictures. To that list, they can now add auto shopping.

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